Riding bicycles can be a fun social activity so we like to provide opportunities for our community to get out together to explore, hang out with friends and meet new folks. We also know that races can be a blast, so we’re involved on this front, as well. Whether you’re a casual or recreational rider looking for a group ride or a rider looking to push yourself in a competitive event, SweetWater has these events to offer. We hope to see you out there and joining us in the fun.

A friendly reminder that rides require, at minimum, an appropriate bike in good working order, water and a helmet. We suggest a spare tube, energy food, maybe a little cash in case we stop, and your biggest smile. Many rides are held subject to weather. It’s always a good idea to confirm dates, time and any specific requirements, as well.

SweetWater Whiskey Rebellion Gravel Ride -- REGISTRATION NOW OPEN ON BIKEREG.COM !!

In 2017, we kicked off a major regional gravel adventure, the SweetWater Whiskey Rebellion Gravel Ride in nearby Washington County, staged on trails transversed by colonials during the Whiskey Rebellion of 1791. With the cry of “Be a rebel, ride gravel,” our Whiskey Rebellion offers five rides of various distances from 35K up to 120K.  New for 2019, we will be offering a 200K option with nearly 12,000 ft of climbing!  

The rides (which we limit to 200 participants and are held in May) are perfect for off-road adventurers including mountain bikers, gravel fans, cyclocross racers and other cyclists looking for a gravel challenge. The four rides vary from a little gravel to big fresh new gravel and from hilly to rolling terrain with over 7,000 feet of climbing in the 100K option.

Look for sign-ups in the spring on bikereg.com.   

In May 2017, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ran a story about our inaugural Whiskey Rebellion ride, read it here:


SweetWater Summer Series

The SweetWater Summer Series, staged on trails in the Pittsburgh region, features mountain bike races that capture the excitement of World Cup-style racing. The series includes four races; a package covering the four races is available at a discounted rate. Races have been held at the Settlers Cabin Mountain Bike Trails and Alameda Park in Butler.

Other Rides and Races

We have also been involved in other area rides and races, including the annual Fat Tire Festival (Feb) sponsored by the Moon Twp.-based Hollow Oak Land Trust, the Month of Mud (Oct) and the annual Tour the Montour rides (Sept) organized by the Montour Trail Council. 

Club Rides

We’re happy to partner with Premier Bicycle Club to provide road and trail rides.  The Premier Bicycle Club was founded on November 27, 2016 in Gibsonia, Pennsylvania. The organization began with a diverse group of community-based individuals such as lawyers, doctors, salespeople, students, business owners, healthcare professionals, and retirees, just to name a few.  We are people with different backgrounds and a shared interest to provide a positive and supportive environment that encourages a healthy lifestyle for recreational cyclists of all levels to improve their skills and to participate with others in the joys of cycling.  

We have a strong conviction that cycling is more enjoyable when each of us takes a comprehensive approach to a healthier lifestyle.

By joining Premier Bicycle Club, members receive VIP discounts on bikes, gear and bike service from SweetWater Bikes throughout the year.   We offer 15% of parts, including special orders, all year long to Club Members.  To register and learn more about the club, please visit premierbicycleclub.org and come back at see why we are #1 service provider in Western PA.