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What is Gravel Cycling? Is it Fun?

Heck, yes, it's so much fun!  It's ADVENTURE on a bicycle.  It's EXPLORATION.

What is a Gravel Bike? Do I need one?

  • Gravel bikes are designed for comfort and control over tough terrain and typically long miles in the saddle
    • More compliant frame and fork geometry and durable construction of the frame 
    • Longer wheelbase for smoother ride
    • Slacker (or more angled) headtube and fork for increased control and handling
    • Wider tires combined with tubeless wheels offer more contact with the terrain and less opportunity for punctures
  • Gravel bikes are used on rail-to-trail, single track, rural dirt roads, fire roads, forest road surfaces and basically every unpaved surface that you can think of!
  • If you are getting started, you can use your road endurance bike, your hybrid bike, even your hardtail mountain bike.  Leave your road racing, tri bike or time trial bike at home.  Just be sure you have wider tires on your endurance bike or hybrid bike.  For Western PA, you'll want 38mm tires.

What Gear do I need?

Here's a short checklist:

  1. Wider tires with tread appropriate for the terrain and conditions that you'll be riding in.
  2. Helps to have tubeless tires and wheels.  If you do, carry a tubeless kit, core remover and extra sealant and learn how to use them
  3. Carry enough nutrition and snacks for long miles in the saddle.